Social Capital Tech

Social Capital Tech

Technology delivered with people focus.


What we do?

We deliver digital solutions to our clients in a transparent and involving co-operative team.

Business Analysis

We identify the real business need and determine solutions: software-systems, process improvements, organizational change, strategic planning. We translate your business needs into IT requirements.

Project Management

70% of all project fail. We are making sure to successfully deliver the real solution on-time, on-budget. We are using the best practices of Big Four consulting firms and Project Management methodology standards.

Solution Delivery

Delivering the right digital solutions for your needs end-to-end: from digital vision through system selection to system implementation.

Digital Ecosystems

If you feel lost in the world of endless IT solutions, we have the answer for you. There is already a suitable solution on the market for 99% of the needs, you just have to find it.

Why choose us?

Social Capital
  • Social Capital is not just a word, it is a concept, its the power of human interaction and the invisible bonds created.

  • The increasingly online operation of companies is slowly wiping out social capital from the organizations and this is what we cannot accept.

  • In business today, it’s easy to forget that people work in companies.

  • Social Capital is a set of shared values that allows individuals to work together in a group to effectively achieve a common purpose.

  • Our purpose is to guide companies with personalized technology services to advance their operations in order to serve the society better.

  • Technology is involved in the operation of every company, regardless the industry.

  • The recent years have made it clear that companies must invest in technology to avoid being left out. 

  • We are here to help these companies irrespective of their size or industry. We have the experience and expertise to introduce the right market-lead technology from top tier vendors.

  • Our technology focus spans from CRM to boost customer experience to ERP for a transparent and efficient operations, to HCM (human capital management) systems to maximize the value of human capital.


How we work and what we believe in?


Treat everyone equally and include in the decision making mechanism. All members have real control over the organisation - one member, one vote.


In our company, people help each other and help themselves by working together for mutual benefit. Caring for each other creates a safe working atmosphere. We believe that all our employees are unique and encourage an individual personal development agenda.


Sharing success is the best way to generate even more success. Every member has equal rights and benefits (depending on their contribution). We have chosen to transparently redistribute our income within the organization.


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